5 BIG advantages of Hammock Camping over Tent Camping

Posted by Alex Gash

A Hammock Camping set-up provides several advantages over Tents with very few real disadvantages. Let's have a look at 5 BIG advantages of Hammock Camping over Tent Camping.


Yes, comfort is subjective, but comfort is a BIG reason people get into hammock camping at all. They are tired of sleeping on the cold hard ground. For many, making the switch from ground dwelling to hanging was a game changer and got them eager to go outside camping again. 

The awesome thing about a hammock camping system is that you will learn to pitch your shelter consistently regardless of the terrain. A backcountry bed that feels great all the time without sacrificing pack weight is a wonderful thing. 

You could choose to carry a plush air mattress to your next campsite or carry a comfy camping hammock instead. The hammock will be easy to carry, easy to set-up & take down and easy to do all over again, night after night.


A funny thing happens when you become a Hammock Camper, you start seeing the forest in a different way. You are no longer scanning the ground for a suitable campsite (preferably soft, dry, well drained, flat, etc). Your priorities become simpler, all you need are two trees. 

"Your priorities become simpler, all you need are two trees"

You start visualizing your hammock pitched perfectly between two hardy trees and with room for your tarp, you can easily have a rock solid campsite. Through this perspective you will soon spot hundreds of viable hang sites. 


A determined Hammock Camper will make creative use out of natural and man-made anchors in order to avoid going to ground. Hang sites can be found among stout cottonwood trees in the slot canyons of desert Utah or among clusters of pines in higher elevations along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).


It's easy to practice Leave No Trace (LNT) with a Hammock Camping Shelter. You are no longer covering or smothering plants below you as you would with the footprint of a tent. 

You will also minimize your impact on the area by spreading out and camping among the trees because you no longer have to rely on traditional tent sites which are often heavily used, crowded and most frequently visited by animals (hey, they know where the best campsites are too). You'll rest easy knowing you lessened your impact on your favorite wilderness area.

 Note: It's vital to use tree-friendly suspensions when Hammock Camping. Only the most reputable camping hammock brands use at least 1" wide webbing straps to reduce damage to the trees you anchor to.


With a Hammock Camping System, you pitch a tarp above you which keeps the weather off of you and your hammock bed. Only your shoes touch the wet ground. Other gear like your pack can be hung from the hammock suspension lines. Some camping hammocks feature on-board storage for gear like extra clothes and/or other small essentials like a flashlight or earplugs. The hammock also makes a great bench seat for cooking or relaxing in camp. 

Once you become proficient at pitching your tarp, you will be confident that you can keep dry and comfortable anywhere in even the strongest storms. 


Hammock Campers aren't lazy, they're just busy enjoying the view! 

When you hang two feet off the ground with a fair weather tarp pitch, you feel like you're on top of the world, with a  360° view of what's around. With such a comfortable and secure camp, you will catch the sunrise warm from your shelter and then catch a few more zzz's before leaning over to start that morning cup of coffee; it really doesn't get any better than that.


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