The Sheltowee Trace- Kentucky's Long Trail
Apr 30

When it comes to long trails, the Appalachian Trail (AT), Pacific Crest Trail (PCT),  and the Continental Divide (CDT) garner much of the attention from avid backpackers. The John Muir Trail running through California and Yosemite National Park is close behind the triple crown hikes.   Kentucky, however, has a long trail of its' own, and it needs more publicity. The Sheltowee Trace was officially designated a National Recreation Trail in 1979. It stretches ~300 miles (mileage fluctuates) from northern Tennessee all the way through Rowan County, Kentucky. It is a hidden gem in a state mostly known for bourbon, horses, basketball, and...

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3 Essential Items for Hammock Camping
Mar 13

What all do you need for camping in a hammock? Here are the essentials to keep yourself warm, dry, and comfortable while hammock camping.  1.) Hammock The obvious first item you need is a hammock. You want to find a hammock that provides comfort and stability at the same time. Shell Hammocks are made from a specifically designed fabric for hammock camping called Hexon. Hexon fabric is the best in the business when it comes to comfort, weight, and stability.  2.) Tarp The second thing you are going to need for camping in a hammock is a tarp. A good tarp...

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The 'Valley of the Giants' lives up to the hype
Feb 15

  On the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State lies the Olympic National Park and with it, some of the largest trees in the world. It was underneath a gigantic redwood in California that President Franklin Roosevelt and John Muir discussed the idea of a centrally run national park system (above picture). If you have ever been around a 300’ tall, 1000 year old giant, you can see why they are so inspiring. This past weekend Lindsey and I journeyed to the Valley of the Giants on the shores of Lake Quinault to see just what inspired Roosevelt to create a...

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Frozen Butt Syndrome- Staying Warm While Hammock Camping
Jan 18

Frozen Butt Syndrome: when your keister gets cold because mother nature is blowing air underneath your hammock. Regular Hammock A regular hammock (like the 1/2 Shell No-Net Hammock  pictured above) has no insulation. It provides you a great, comfortable place to hang but does very little to protect your body from the drafty air whipping underneath you. We are not just talking about camping on ridge tops or in high winds. Even the slightest breeze can turn a pleasant night out in the woods into an arctic-like experience. Tent Camping- Sleeping pads Tent camping combats a cold nights sleep with...

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3 Advantages of Hammock Camping
Jan 08

3 Advantages of Hammock Camping

Posted by Alex Gash

Lots of outdoor adventurists are switching from typical ground camping to hammock camping. But why? Here are three of some of our favorite advantages that hammock camping has to offer.  Comfortable Sleeping- No pressure points We won't lie, hammock camping takes some figuring out. Positioning yourself in the hammock is key to a comfortable nights sleep. Once you figure out how to lay, hammock camping becomes much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.  For starters, there are no pressure points. Forget the rocks, roots, uneven campsites, sliding off your sleeping pad...etc. Sleeping between the trees allows you to have a consistent...

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5 BIG advantages of Hammock Camping over Tent Camping
Jun 15

A Hammock Camping set-up provides several advantages over Tents with very few real disadvantages. Let's have a look at 5 BIG advantages of Hammock Camping over Tent Camping. COMFORT Yes, comfort is subjective, but comfort is a BIG reason people get into hammock camping at all. They are tired of sleeping on the cold hard ground. For many, making the switch from ground dwelling to hanging was a game changer and got them eager to go outside camping again.  The awesome thing about a hammock camping system is that you will learn to pitch your shelter consistently regardless of the terrain. A backcountry bed that feels great...

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