• Materials Designed for Hammock Camping

    Hexon is our cotton-like Ripstop Nylon fabric specifically developed as the most comfortable and durable hammock material available.

  • Crafted Locally

    Sheltowee Hammocks are crafted in small batches in the heart of Central Kentucky. Responsible, local manufacturing means less waste and less impact on our environment.

  • Unparalleled Innovation

    Our patented designs provide comfort in the woods that no other hammock can replicate.

Our Story

Sheltowee creates Unique, Premium Hammock Camping gear for everyone from the thru-hiking backpacker to the weekend warrior. We chose the name Sheltowee [ Daniel Boone’s given Shawnee Indian name ] because it serves as a reminder to us to be modern-day trailblazers in the outdoor industry. If you've never thought about ditching your tent for a hammock, or if you have started taking notice of this growing trend of Air Camping, welcome. Take a look around to see what truly sets Sheltowee Hammocks apart from the rest.

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