Uniquely Sheltowee

Sheltowee creates Unique, Handcrafted Hammock Camping gear for everyone from the thru-hiking backpacker to the weekend warrior.

We chose the name Sheltowee [ Daniel Boone’s given Shawnee Indian name ] because it serves as a reminder to us to be modern-day trailblazers in the outdoor industry. Like Boone, who braved the mountains west of Virginia into Kentucky, we at Sheltowee Hammock Co. are pioneering a new way to sleep outside; We’re doin’ it in a hammocks!

If you've never thought about ditching your tent for a hammock, or if you have started taking notice of this growing trend of life above ground, welcome. Take a look around to see what truly sets Sheltowee apart from the rest.

Like Boone, Sheltowee pioneers a new way of sleeping outside; We're doin' it in Hammocks!

"Hammocks provide the absolute best nights rest in the wilderness." - Daniel Boone (aka Sheltowee)

 Founded by Hammock People, for Hammock Campers.