3 Essential Items for Hammock Camping

Posted by Alex Gash

What all do you need for camping in a hammock? Here are the essentials to keep yourself warm, dry, and comfortable while hammock camping. 

1.) Hammock

The obvious first item you need is a hammock. You want to find a hammock that provides comfort and stability at the same time. Shell Hammocks are made from a specifically designed fabric for hammock camping called Hexon. Hexon fabric is the best in the business when it comes to comfort, weight, and stability. 

2.) Tarp

The second thing you are going to need for camping in a hammock is a tarp. A good tarp will cover the entire length of the hammock and is lightweight. 

Turtle tip: Keep your tarp on the outside of your bag where you keep your rain gear. Your tarp should be the first thing you set up when hammock camping. 

3.) Underquilt

Underquilts are the next essential item needed for hammock camping. An underquilt is like a sleeping bag that fits underneath your hammock. It keeps the wind from sucking the warmth from your body and down insulation traps and holds your heat all night long. 

Hammock Camping can be extremely fun when you have quality gear. Check out our hammocks and tarps above to find something right for you!


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