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Moonbow™ LED (Pre-Order)

Moonbow™ LED (Pre-Order)

$ 44.00

This product is available for Pre-Order. More info coming soon!

Unique in Kentucky to all of the world is the regular occurrence of the Moonbow at Cumberland Falls in the Daniel Boone National Forest. A Moonbow is a rainbow visible under the light of a full moon. 

Thankfully, you can now enjoy your own Moonbow anywhere, anytime, with the Moonbow™ from Sheltowee  

The Sheltowee Moonbow™ is a six foot LED circuit embedded in a reflective sleeve which boosts the lights' visibility to over 1 mile; it's completely waterproof; it has 8 different colors and 120+ modes; and an average running time of 50+ hours on a single 9V battery.

Hooks along the top of the strip allow you to string this up anywhere; like your Hammock Ridgeline, Tarp Ridgeline, Clothesline, around your Campfire even inside your ground dwelling shelter 😳 ! 

Moonbow™ from Sheltowee can take the dark out of the nighttime.