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Arch Double Wide Hammock
Arch Double Wide Hammock

Arch Double Wide Hammock

$ 79.00

Our Double Wide Hammock Fabric is currently backordered for several weeks due to HIGH DEMAND, sorry for the inconvenience! Be sure to sign up with your email to receive updates as to when it will be available again. 

Not all gathered-end camping hammocks are created equal; this ARCH Double Wide Hammock is definitely not like anything else in the market.

The ARCH Double Wide Hammock is considered 'double wide' measuring 72" in width (that's over a foot wider than the standard Arch Hammock). That's enough extra width to really sprawl by yourself or to invite a close friend to join you.

This is a premium camping hammock that is built for the trail. It's feature-rich, full length and WIDE Single Panel Construction. Pick one of the three adjustable suspensions available or choose Continuous Loops for a quick connection to your favorite daisy-chain straps . Available in many different colors. Everything else is not like you've seen before.

The ARCH Double Wide Hammock has a unique No-Tip Gather method that creates 'side walls' that make always knowing where the edges of the hammock are intuitive; giving you confidence to flip, flop, and roll around without worrying about falling out! 

A fixed length ridgeline is integrated into the hammock suspension that makes setting up your ARCH Double Wide Hammock consistently, easy and hassle free. Plus, the ridgeline organizer allows for convenient storage of small items.

Made of high strength, low stretch 1.6oz Hexon Fabric the ARCH Double Wide Hammock has an incredible strength-weight ratio. The Hexon Fabric also has incredible feel, soft like cotton, not plastic feeling at all.

 The ARCH Double Wide Hammock has a suggested weight capacity of < 350lbs. 2-Layer Hammocks increase the hammock capacity by over 100lbs.



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