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Boone Hammock
Boone Hammock
Boone Hammock

Boone Hammock

$ 239.00

Our Boone Hammocks are Built To Order in Central Kentucky. Please allow 10-14 days for building and shipping your order. 

The BOONE is our bread and butter; this is the hammock that started it all and is the original Sheltowee Hammock.

The BOONE Hammock is the only camping available hammock that features a fully adjustable bottom insulation layer (integrated underquilt). Realizing that the one thing that is lacking in modern day camping hammocks is attention to insulation, Sheltowee created a hammock with a permanently attached bottom insulation layer that is easy to use, vent-able, and can be adjusted from within the hammock bed; 👊🏻bam! The baffled quilt layer is filled with high loft Downtek™ Water Resistant Down and the insulation area is full-length; long enough to cover the big and tall from head to heal. 

Pull the bungee cords below to cinch the insulation layer to the backside of the hammock bed,  enclosing you with uncompressed, 100% efficient bottom insulation. Staying warm all night in a hammock has never been easier or more comfortable.

Pick one of the 3 Adjustable Suspensions available or choose Continuous Loops for a quick connection to your favorite daisy-chain hammock straps.

The BOONE Hammock is built with high strength, very low stretch 2.4oz Hexon Fabric. This hammock body fabric has an incredible strength-weight ratio as well as incredible feel, soft like cotton, not plastic feeling at all. 

The Boone Hammock has a suggested weight capacity of < 400lbs.


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